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Título: Knowledge, technology and innovation cycle
Autor: Tiago, Flávio Borges
Couto, João Pedro Almeida
Tiago, Maria Teresa Borges
Palavras-chave: Knowledge Management
Information and Communication Technology
European and US Firms
Data: Jun-2011
Editora: CEEAplA
Citação: Borges Tiago, Flávio; Couto, João Pedro Almeida; Borges Tiago, Maria Teresa (2011). "Knowledge, technology and innovation cycle", «Working Paper Series», 15/2011, Ponta Delgada: CEEAplA.
Relatório da Série N.º: WP;15/2011
Resumo: There is a common thought both in business and academia that some factos such as technology, innovation and knowledge are key components of success and allowing firms to achieve and sustain competitive advantages. There is a considerable amount of research performed around these three concepts and some of them analyzed their relationship. However, it still suffers from oversimplification of its development processes and methodological limitations. Nevertheless, there is a consensus in business and academia that knowledge is a key component of success and allows firms to achieve and sustains competitive advantages. In a digital era, these advantages arise from the potential of data and information that can be gathered, processed, shared, and used to improve e-business activities. Thus, this research bridges the gap in the assessment of knowledge management and e-business relationship, by applying an SEM to a large database sample of KM activities performed by European firms.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/2325
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