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Título: Free Tropospheric Aerosol Measurements at the Pico Mountain Observatory, Azores (2225m asl).
Autor: Mazzoleni, Claudio
Mazzoleni, Lynn R.
Fialho, Paulo
Kumar, Sumit
Dzepina, Katja
Dziobak, Michael P.
Kramer, Louisa
Olsen, Seth C.
Owen, Robert
Helmig, Detlev
Hueber, Jacques
China, Swarup
Palavras-chave: Aerossol Atmosférico
Atmospheric Aerosol
Black Carbon
Tropospheric Aerosol
Pico Island (Azores)
Data: Out-2012
Citação: Mazzoleni, Claudio; Mazzoleni, Lynn; Fialho, Paulo; Kumar, Sumit; Dzepina, Katja; Dziobak, M.P.; Kramer, Louisa; Olsen, Seth; Owen, R. C; Helmig, Detlev; Hueber, Jacques; China, Swarup (2012). "Free Tropospheric Aerosol Measurements at the Pico Mountain Observatory, Azores (2225m asl)", «AAAR 31st Annual Conference», Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 8-12, 2012 (Poster).
Resumo: In this poster we discuss a limited subset of the aerosol measurements performed at the Pico Mountain Observatory. The Black Carbon (BC) mass shows a clear seasonal pattern over a ten-years period. The 2012 scattering measurements show highly variable signals with events with high scattering and periods of very low aerosol loading. Dust events are clearly captured by the aethalometer, as well the nephelometer Ångström exponents. Particles have various shapes, and mixing states, and soot particles typically are very compacted.
Descrição: AAAR 31st Annual Conference. Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 8-12, 2012.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/2226
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