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Título: Applications of the hard sphere DeSantis equation of state to the estimation of the density of compressed alternative refrigerants.
Autor: Fialho, Paulo
Nieto de Castro, Carlos A.
Palavras-chave: Hard Sphere DeSantis
Equation of State
Alternative Refrigerants
Data: Ago-1995
Editora: International Institute of Refrigeration IIR/IIF
Citação: Fialho, Paulo; Nieto de C. C. A. (1995). "Applications of the hard sphere DeSantis equation of state to the estimation of the density of compressed alternative refrigerants". Trabalho apresentado em «19th International Congress of Refrigeration», In «19th International Congress of Refrigeration», 6 volumes: Proceedings The Hague, the Netherlands, august 20-25, 1995.
Resumo: The density of liquid refrigerants is very important for the design of compression cycles in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The increasing concern with the environmental protection leads the governments to legislate in order to banish in the short term the use of the CFC's and in the long run the HCFC's. Considering those decisions, the industries need to find new replacements for those compounds, and suitable substitutes seam to be HFC's, fluorinated ethers, their mixtures and mixtures with small quantities of HCFC's. The only problem in using those alternative refrigerants is the lack of knowledge about their properties. Among them, the density is one of the most important. It is the propose of this paper to show the use of a model that allows the user to estimate the liquid density for the refrigerants. The uncertainty of this model is of ± 2.0 % for reduced values of temperature less then 0.95 and reduced values of density less then 1.0. This model needs the information for the critical parameters and the pressure of the saturated liquid-vapour line. The Hard-Sphere DeSantis equation of state Ref. /1/ is use to give physical support to the model. The corrections to the attractive and repulsive part, a and b, have been calculated from a few experimental pure refrigerants Ref. /1/ (HCFC 152a, HCFC 22, HCFC 142b, HCFC 123, HCFC 114).
Descrição: 19th International Congress of Refrigeration. Proceedings The Hague, the Netherlands, august 20-25, 1995.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/2223
ISBN: 978-2903633790
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