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Título: Nature-based solutions : new influence for environmental management and research in Europe
Autor: Eggermont, Hilde
Balian, Estelle
Azevedo, José M. N.
Beumer, Victor
Brodin, Tomas
Claudet, Joachim
Fady, Bruno
Grube, Martin
Keune, Hans
Lamarque, Penelope
Reuter, Katrin
Smith, Matt
van Ham, Chantal
Weisser, Wolfgang W.
Le Roux, Xavier
Palavras-chave: Biodiversity
Ecosystem Services
Research Programming
Social-ecological Systems
Societal Challenges
Sustainable Management
Data: 2015
Editora: Oekom Verlag
Citação: Eggermont, H., Balian, E., Azevedo, J.M.N., Breumer, V., Brodin, T., Claudet, J., Fady, B., Grube, M., Keune, H., Lamarque, P., Reuter, K., Smith, M., van Ham, C., Weisser, W.W. & Le Roux, X. (2015). Nature-based solutions: new influence for environmental management and research in Europe. "GAIA-Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society", 24(4), 243-248. DOI:10.14512/gaia.24.4.9
Resumo: Greening roofs or walls to cool down city areas during summer, to capture storm water, to abate pollution, and to increase human well-being while enhancing biodiversity: nature-based solutions (NBS) refer to the sustainable management and use of nature for tackling societal challenges. Building on and comple- menting traditional biodiversity conservation and management strategies, NBS integrate science, policy, and practice and create biodiversity benefits in terms of diverse, well-managed ecosystems.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/4170
DOI: 10.14512/gaia.24.4.9
ISSN: 0940-5550
Aparece nas colecções:DBIO - Artigos em Revistas Internacionais / Articles in International Journals

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