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Fev-2006Can over-education account for the positive association between education and within-groups wage inequality?Budría, SantiagoworkingPaperopenAccess
Dez-2010The determinants of Spanish language proficiency among immigrants in SpainBudría, Santiago; Swedberg, PabloworkingPaperopenAccess
Fev-2007Economic inequality in Portugal : A picture in the beginnings of the 21st centuryBudría, SantiagoworkingPaperopenAccess
Fev-2006Economic inequality in Spain : the European Community household panel datasetBudría, Santiago; Díaz-Giménez, JavierworkingPaperopenAccess
Set-2005Education, over-education and wage inequality : evidence for SpainBudría, Santiago; Moro Egido, AnaworkingPaperopenAccess
Dez-2004An exploration of asset returns in a production economy with relative habitsBudría, SantiagoworkingPaperopenAccess
Dez-2010The impact of Spanish language proficiency on the labor market outcomes of immigrants in SpainBudría, Santiago; Swedberg, PabloworkingPaperopenAccess
Nov-2004On returns to training in PortugalPereira, Pedro Telhado; Budría, SantiagoworkingPaperopenAccess
Jan-2007Overeducation and wages in Europe : evidence from quantile regressionBudría, Santiago; Moro-Egido, Ana I.workingPaperopenAccess
Jul-2006Schooling and the distribution of wages in the European private and public sectorsBudría, SantiagoworkingPaperopenAccess
Dez-2010The shadow value of employer-provided trainingBudría, Santiago; Swedberg, PabloworkingPaperopenAccess
Jul-2006Term and equity premium in economies with habit formationBudría, Santiago; Díaz, AntoniaworkingPaperopenAccess