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Título: Computable general equilibrium models : theory and applications
Autor: Fortuna, Mario
Rege, Sameer
Palavras-chave: Economia Açoriana
Economia Insular
Modelos CGE
Modelos Econométricos
CGE Models
Regional Economic Modeling
Data: Ago-2010
Editora: Centro de Estudos de Economia Aplicada do Atlântico - CEEAplA
Citação: FORTUNA, Mário; REGE, Sameer (2010). "Computable general equilibrium models: theory and applications". Ponta Delgada: Centro de Estudos de Economia do Atlântico - CEEAplA: Universidade dos Açores, X, 219 p.. ISBN 978-972-8612-60-3.
Resumo: The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the theory of general equilibrium and microeconomics necessary for any student to appreciate the derivation of the equations used in the models. It gives a brief overview of static and dynamic general equilibrium models with an objective of juxtaposing both to enable the novice reader to quickly grasp the benefits of different models. It also gives working programs in GAMS and R to play around with the parameters and appreciate the interplay between the parameters and model results and the limitations. We emphatically state that this is but a very very elementary introduction and meant only as a pre-cursor to the world of economic modelling. The second part deals with the main objective of the book, the dynamic general equilibrium model for the Azores and the various policy simulations from the model. Initially it explains in detail the model equations and the Social Accounting Matrix and then outlines the simulation results obtained from the model.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/4994
ISBN: 978-972-8612-60-3
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