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Título: The determinants of length of stay in the Azores : a count model approach
Autor: Menezes, António Gomes de
Moniz, Ana Isabel Arruda
Vieira, José Cabral
Palavras-chave: Destination Image
Length of Stay
Tourism Demand Modelling
Azores Archipelago
Data: Mar-2010
Editora: Universidade dos Açores
Citação: Menezes, António Gomes; Moniz, Ana Isabel; Vieira, José Cabral (2010). The determinants of length of stay in the Azores: a count model approach, “Working Paper Series” n.º 3/10, 28 pp.. Ponta Delgada: Universidade dos Açores, CEEAplA-A.
Resumo: This paper employs count data models to estimate the determinants of length of stay, as count data models naturally lend themselves to overcome the censoring and truncation data issues associated with the non-negative, integer nature of length of stay. This paper employs a rich micro data set gathered through questionnaires ministered to a representative sample of tourists departing from the Azores: the fastest growing touristic region in Portugal. It is found that sociodemographic profiles, such as nationality and Azorean ascendancy, and trip attributes, such as repeat visitation rates and type of flight, are important determinants of length of stay. In addition, it is found that destination image and attitudes regarding environmental initiatives, constructed from a factor analysis exercise, also influence length of stay. In particular, the results suggest that marketing strategies that promote the Azores for its nature, landscape, remoteness, weather and safety may increase length of stay, whereas cultural heritage has the opposite effect.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/4879
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