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Título: Action and structure in school networks
Autor: Lima, Jorge Manuel Ávila
Palavras-chave: School Networks
Network Structure
Actor Agency
Data: 2016
Editora: ESCXEL Project: School Network for Excellence
Citação: Lima, J. Á. (2016). "Action and structure in school networks". In E. Gonçalves, & S. Batista, S. (Eds.), Conference Proceedings of First ESCXEL Project International Conference: Networks, Communities and Partnerships in Education: actors, goals and results (pp. 55-66). Lisbon: ESCXEL Project: School Network for Excellence. ISBN: 978-989-97702-6-3.
Resumo: Networks constitute a critical dimension of human life in contemporary societies. These entities have recently attracted the interest of a growing number of scholars from many distinct academic fields. In education, networks are increasingly being promoted as a solution for some of the most persistent and difficult-to-solve problems that educators face. Practitioners and policy makers have developed increasingly elaborate rationales for justifying the importance of teachers’ and schools’ involvement in networking processes. This paper critically reviews the literature and research that has been conducted on networks in education and elsewhere, with a particular focus on school networks. The critical appraisal that is performed in the paper emphasizes that, despite their clear potential for educational improvement and change, current thinking about school networks is fraught with myth and simplistic assumptions, including the idea that these networks are naturally educational communities. The paper makes a case for the need to conduct more in-depth research on these phenomena, focusing both on action issues and key structural features of school networks.
Descrição: Conference organized by: ESCXEL Project – School Network for Excellence; CESNOVA – Centre for Sociological Studies; Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Nova University of Lisbon (FCSH-UNL)
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/4374
ISBN: 978-989-97702-6-3
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