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Título: Growth responses of Macrocystis pyrifera (Laminariales), Southern Chile, juvenile sporophytes to nutrient limitation
Autor: Patarra, Rita F.
González-Carvajal, Luis
Hernández-González, Mariam C.
Neto, Ana I.
Buschmann, Alejandro H.
Palavras-chave: Giant Kelp
Physiological Adaptations
Sporophyte Growth
Data: 2014
Citação: Patarra RF, González-Carvajal L, Hernández-González MC, Neto AI & Buschmann AH (2014). "Growth responses of Macrocystis pyrifera (Laminariales), Southern Chile, juvenile sporophytes to nutrient limitation". MARES Conference, Abstract Book, p. 122, Olhão, Portugal, 17-21 de novembro: (Poster communication).
Resumo: Kelp forests represent some of the most conspicuous coastal habitats and today we recognize only one giant kelp species (Macrocystis pyrifera) distributed globally [1, 2]. M. pyrifera is recognized as a perennial kelp species with a low capacity of energy storage, whereas its high productivity is associated the availability of nitrogen from the water column [3]. The relation between M. pyrifera growth and biomass production results from a plastic response of the sporophytes to temporal and spatial variability in nitrogen availability [4, 5]. However, the low storage capacity of giant kelp [6, 7] is clearly disadvantageous during periods of suboptimal environmental conditions; as those that occur seasonally in California and the inland waters of southern Chile. Due to an increased demand for kelp biomass in Chile for the world alginate industry and abalone farming in Chile [8, 9] there is an increased demand of raw material and interest for developing kelp aquaculture technologies [10]. The present study evaluates the effect of different nitrogen availability on the growth and regeneration of juvenile fronds of M. pyrifera sporophytes from southern Chile and explore its consequences for the development of seeding strategies of kelp farming in southern Chile.
Descrição: 1st Mares Conference on Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation. Olhão, Portugal 17-21 November 2014.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/3329
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