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Título: Bryophytes distribution along an altitudinal gradient of native forest in Pico island (Azores): preliminary results of epiphytic genera
Autor: Coelho, Márcia Catarina Mendes
Gabriel, Rosalina
Henriques, Débora
Ah-Peng, Claudine
Palavras-chave: Briófitos
Pico Island (Azores)
Data: Set-2013
Citação: Coelho, Márcia C. M; Gabriel, Rosalina; Henriques, Débora S. G; Ah-Peng, Claudine (2013). "Bryophytes distribution along an altitudinal gradient of native forest in Pico Island (Azores): preliminary results of epiphytic genera", Moveclim Midcourse Meeting, Le Tampon, La Réunion, 2013 (Poster).
Resumo: The evergreen forests of the Azores offer a great variety of habitats for bryophytes, owing to the diversity of microhabitats and available substrata, and to the hyper-humid conditions they provide. Bryophytes play a vital role in such ecosystems (Homem & Gabriel, 2009). The understanding of species rarity is important in ecological and conservational research.
Descrição: MOVECLIM, Mid Course Meeting, 2-6 September 2013, Réunion (Mascarenes).
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/3070
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