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Título: GenERATIONS of Azoreans and Renewable Energy: a comparative study
Autor: Simas, Rosa Neves
Tomás, Licínio Manuel Vicente
Serpa, Margarida Damião
Gomes, Carlos
Arroz, Ana Margarida Moura
Palavras-chave: Comportamento Energético
Diferenças entre Gerações
Differences Between Generations
Energy Behavior
Data: 2011
Citação: Simas, Rosa Neves; Tomás, Licínio M.V.; Serpa, Margarida Damião; Gomes, Carlos; Arroz, Ana M.M. (2011). Relatório Anual do Projecto "GenARE: GenERATIONS of Azoreans and Renewable Energy: a comparative study", 61 p.. Ponta Delgada: DLLM, Universidade dos Açores.
Resumo: The Final Report presents the findings compiled during the Enquiry Phase. Very succinctly, the data collected indicate that environmental and energy issues rank very low, while economic issues are high among the current problems indicated by the three generations, a clear sign that efforts to promote energy efficiency must underline the saving these can bring. There appears to be a general tendency toward a more ecocentric world view which points to the gradual decline of the anthropocentric stance that has dominated the Azorean mindset over time. Since the notion that the Azores are "protected" from environmental problems persists, efforts should highlight the workings of ecocentrism to help the population understand the dynamics of ecology and ecosystems. Although there is an incipient awareness of renewable energy, the reality of microproduction of energy is virtually unknown, indicating that this is a promising sector for local businesses. The younger generation is seen as better informed and prepared to deal with energy and environmental problems, leading to relative optimism for the future. In all, these findings point to the advantages of a generational dynamic in energy use and to the existence of relative confidence in new technologies.
Descrição: Avança dados das perspetivas de diferentes gerações sobre questões ambientais e consumo energético.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/3059
Aparece nas colecções:DEDU - Relatórios Técnicos / Technical Reports

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