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Título: Hierarchical clique analysis in social networks due to common knowledge of proverbs.
Autor: Mendes, Armando B.
Funk, Matthias
Palavras-chave: Complex Societal Problems
Data Mining
Data: Jul-2010
Citação: Mendes, Armando e Funk, Matthias (2010). "Hierarchical clique analysis in social networks due to common knowledge of proverbs". EURO XXIV, 24th European Conference on Operational Research, Lisboa, 11 a 14 de Julho de 2010 (Comunicação).
Resumo: We present the Hierarchical Clique Analysis, a new algorithm for social networks analysis. The algorithm is exemplified with data about the recognition of proverbs collected in interviews in all Azorean islands and also in three Azorean emigration locations in the USA. Interpreting the set of this data as an incidence matrix of a graph, we obtain 8 oriented and isolated sub-graphs which distinguish the society in a kind of different families of proverbial users. The Hierarchical Clique Analysis finds distinct clusters with a high inner homogeneity.
Descrição: 24th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO XXIV). Lisboa, 11 a 14 de Julho de 2010 (Comunicação).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.3/2182
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